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In this stage, students willl be presented with personal values that can be taken into consideration in design projects. They will also be invited to share the values that are important in their homes and communities.

They will share their ideas in pairs and collect feedback that will lead to improvement in their projects.

Learning Goals

It is expected that, by the end of this meeting, students:
- Understand that, in the development of products and services based on technology, there are human values and decisions related to ethics that have to be considered
- Understand that technology has effects on the lives of people, and that this effect can be positive

Estimated Time: 1 hr

Prep Work for Students

You can ask students to fiill in this form, if you think this helps you register their work. In this lesson, the answers to the form can also be the source for a word cloud (see class meeting guide below).

1 - Watch the video about human values and reflect: does this have any influence on the possible solutions you came up with? (video coming soon)

2 - Use your journal to list the three main values that are important to you.

Keep logging your work on your physical or online journal.

Suggested Time: 2 hrs

Class Meeting

Part (est. time) Content
Intro (5 min) Intro video from past cohorts (coming soon).
Overview of previous meeting.
expectations for this meeting.
Warm Up (15 min) Send students the link to "The Moral Machine"and let them experiment some minutes. Then, ask them to share their impressions. What stands out? How do they feel?
Debate: the Values that Matter to Us (20 min) If you chose to use the form for the prep work and create a word cloud from students' answers, now is a good time to present them the word cloud. Start a conversation about the values they picked. Are these values present in technology? In what ways?
Reflection (5 min) Ask students to write down what they take from the debate.
You can ask them to use this Google Form to send their answer.
Intro to Constraints in Design Projects (15 min) Instructor talks about constraints in design projects and how we can guide our projects according to pre-defined human values.
If you feel comfortable, encourage students to challenge this idea whenever they don't agree with it. See the slide deck for more information.
Sharing Initial Ideas in Pairs (25 min) Students work in pairs of "users" and "developers" and present the ideas that they had for the challenge.
Pairs assess these ideas' adequacy to human values and discuss opportunities to improve them.
Walkthrough: Digital Prototyping Tool (20 min) In pairs, students interview one another to explore aspects of themes chosen by "users". Students switch roles.
Next Steps (5 min) Instructor presents an overview for the next meeting.