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In this stage, students evaluate their projects through the lens of usability, attractivity to users, and compliance to the users' human values.

Learning Goals

It is expected that, by the end of this meeting, students:
- Develop their understanding about how to explore feedback on human values and usability while planning their next versions for the project
- Improve their comprehension about the importance of reflections on human values in the development of technology.

Estimated Time: 1 hr

Prep Work for Students

You can ask students to fiill in this form, if you think this helps you register their work. In this lesson, the answers to the form can also be the source for a word cloud (see class meeting guide below).

- Keep developing your prototype. Take into account the feedback that you heard during tests.

Keep logging your work on your physical or online journal.

Suggested Time: 2 hrs

Class Meeting

Part (est. time) Content
Intro (5 min) Intro video from past cohorts (coming soon).
Overview of previous meeting.
Agenda and expectations for this meeting.
Warm Up (10 min) Ask students to draw or write down how they are feeling at the moment. This practice will help them understand what they are feeling and understand what leads them to feel that way. As they will be evaluating each other's and their own work at this meeting, it is important for them to practice self-awareness.
Reflection about Prototyping Work (15 min) Students make a reflection on the most up-to-date version of their prototype. How did they incorporate the feedback they received? What is the role of human values in the project? How is feedback on usability and usefulness incorporated into the project?
(If you wish, use the table provided in the slide deck to guide this activity)
Prioritization (10 min) Explain to students how to prioritize the next steps: what are the features that have the potential to make the project evolve? Encourage students to think about the desired end result - what do they want to achieve with this project?
(In case you used the table in the step above, you can suggest to students that they use the points in the table to guide their prioritization decisions)
Hands-On (30 min) Students work in their prototypes. They may ask for help from peers who have learned skills which can help their projects progress.
Review: Constructive Feedback (5 min) Remind students how to offer constructive feedback (meeting #3). Show video by students from past cohorts on the importance of feedback to their work (coming soon).
Final Presentation(25 min) Students present the final version of their projects. Prior to this meeting, you may ask students if they want guests to watch the presentations. Optionally, this section can be implemented as an additional meeting. In this case, students would have more time to finish their prototypes in this meeting and, possibly, more time to present.
Closing (15 min) Invite students to share what they liked about the workshop, what they wished was different. Ask them if something changed in their mindset, what was it?